10 Things Tweens Actually *Want* to Do After School


Get in Some "Screen Time"

We don't know any kid, tween or not, who isn't itching for screen time. By that we mean the computer, television, hand-held gaming devices, DVD players and video games. Many parents prefer to keep their tween's screen time monitored and limited.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends seven to 14 hours of screen time per week. However, tweens spend an average of 37 hours per week in front of a screen. So how do you help your tween make the most of screen time? Try implementing these tips:

  • Limit your tween's amount of daily screen time.
  • Watch television along with your tween.
  • Preview or research any video games before your tween plays them.
  • Keep your tween's TV or computer in a common area.
  • Become computer literate so you're aware of your child's computer usage.
  • Use television shows as jumping-off points for family talks.