10 Things Tweens Actually *Want* to Do After School


Have a Snack

OK, we admit this sounds a little silly -- what tween doesn't want to have a snack after school? But even an event as mundane as snack time can have an effect on your tween. Even though the human brain is about 95 percent developed by the age of six, that other small percent is still developing through the teen years. Healthy eating leads to a healthy body and a healthy brain, so you should be keeping a watchful eye on your tween's eating habits.

Most tweens are pretty hungry after a long day at school. Turn after school snack time into fun time with your tween. Take this opportunity to teach your tween how to use the kitchen -- how to prepare easy and healthy snacks and how to be creative with food. Check out our article 5 Healthy Foods That are Fun to Make for some neat ideas.