10 Things Tweens Actually *Like* To Do After School


Babysit for Neighbors or Family Friends

Babysitting can be a lot of fun for tweens.
Babysitting can be a lot of fun for tweens.
Monica Lau/Getty Images

What tween doesn't like to have her own cash to spend on things Mom or Dad don't pick up? Tweens are too young to get a real job legally, but they're old enough to babysit.

Watching the children of neighbors or family friends for an hourly rate is a great way to put a little fun money in a tween's pocket. Tweens learn responsibility and how to care for young children.

If your tween is too young to babysit or doesn't have an interest in this activity, there are lots of ways he or she can earn money. You can pay an allowance for household chores, or your tween can adopt a paper route or even do some yard work or water plants for neighbors.