10 Things Tweens Actually *Like* To Do After School

Watch TV
Watching TV doesn't have to be a waste of time.
Watching TV doesn't have to be a waste of time.

Watching TV doesn't necessarily mean your tween is zoning out. That's right, the boob tube isn't necessarily a time drain. It really depends on how many hours she's sinking into it -- and what she's watching. Remember, there's plenty of educational programming out there, from shows about history, science, culture and animals, to local news and cooking shows.

If a program is informative and makes her think, it's not all that bad. Besides being educational, TV provides an easy way for your tween to relax, and watching a favorite show gives her mind a break. A great way to spend time with your tween is to watch the show with her.

However, do keep in mind that excess TV watching can contribute to physical inactivity, childhood obesity and even stunted social development if your tween isn't out interacting with friends.