10 Kid-friendly Places to Volunteer


Lend a Paw

Are you a family of animal lovers? If so, look no further than your nearby humane society or animal shelter, which is likely full of pooches and kitties that need some tender loving care. This is a particularly good option for teens because it might be too intense for little ones, who are likely to get attached to animals in dire circumstances. As always, check age requirements before signing up.

Younger children can still help out the animal sect by volunteering with an animal rescue during pet adoptions at local pet stores and shelters. Another great way to volunteer is by fostering cats and dogs until they're adopted. Children can easily assist as you feed, bathe, walk and play with your temporary critters. Although it'll be difficult to say goodbye to furry friends when they find permanent homes, your kids can be comforted by the fact that they helped an animal in need. Plus, there's usually another fluffy squatter around the corner to take the sting away!