10 Kid-friendly Places to Volunteer


Nursing Home

Kids love grandmas and grandpas, so why not let them have a few extras? Volunteering at a nursing home is a beautiful way to remind the aging members of our population that they're still valued members of society. No one's expecting little kids to handle IVs or bathroom breaks for seniors, however. Instead, small children can provide company for residents by playing simple games or enjoying a meal and good conversation. Sure, many residents have family that regularly come to visit, but plenty of lonely elderly folks in nursing homes look forward to volunteer visits like kids anticipate Christmas morning.

To get involved, simply check with your local nursing home about their needs. Some have designated volunteer hours and training programs, while others accept unscheduled visits and activities. Many nursing homes have Adopt-a-Grandma/Grandpa programs that set you up with a particular individual, or you can spread the wealth by spending time with several different seniors.