10 Forts to Build With Kids

Snow or Ice Fort
It won't last all year, so take advantage of the snow when you can. Zoran Mircetic/Getty Images

Make the most of winter with a fort constructed from snow or ice. Skip the loose, freshly fallen snow and pack slightly older snow into small boxes, plastic containers or even sand toys to make bricks from the powder. Stack your bricks to form walls then pour water over the snow to "set" it and make sure it stays in place [source: National Building Museum].

If you simply can't wait for the next big snow storm, you can also use ice to create a similar effect. Wait until the temperature outside dips below freezing, then fill plastic containers with water and allow them to freeze. Pop the ice blocks out of the containers and use them to construct your own private igloo. Increase the cool factor by adding a bit of food coloring to each block before it freezes to create a translucent, multi-hued effect [source: Davidson].