10 Forts to Build With Kids

Bed Fort
The comfort of a bed combines with the security of a fortress. John Lund/Annabelle Breakey/Getty Images

Creating a bed fort gives kids a place that's truly theirs, and also provides a bit of much-needed privacy, particularly for kids who share a room with siblings. Curtains serve as one of the easiest tools for constructing a bed fort – simply hang a curtain rod parallel to the bed so the child can pull the curtain closed for some alone time. This works especially well for beds that are tucked into an alcove, though you can always hang a second curtain at the head or foot of the bed to serve as an extra wall and close off the fort.

If you have an old hula-hoop, create an exotic bed canopy with a bit of extra fabric. Hang the hoop above the bed and drape the fabric from the hoop so that it surrounds the edges of the bed. The child can pull it closed for privacy, or leave a small opening to create a cozy hangout spot.