10 Forts to Build With Kids

A Fort from a Kit
Why rely on unstable homemade items? Some companies sell kits of poles and joints made exclusively for building play forts. Halfdark/Getty Images

If your kids are fort fanatics and you're tired of having your furniture commandeered, consider investing in a fort kit. These kits include a variety of curved and straight poles – similar to those used in tents – as well as plenty of connectors to join the poles together. By combining the poles in different ways, kids can craft a number of different fort designs, from simple playhouses and castles to submarines and more. Kits allow for long-term installations for kids who tend to use their forts for an extended period, but are also relatively easy to dissamble and store when you're ready to take them down.

Some kits even come with sheets of fabric or canvas, while others require you to supply your own. Many are multi-purpose, and some come with specialty features like glow-in-the-dark connectors or princess-themed decor.