How does virtual event planning software work?

Streamline the planning of your next event by keeping everything in one place.
Streamline the planning of your next event by keeping everything in one place.

Planning an event is a lot like juggling. You have all of your balls up in the air and sooner or later they will have to come down. Keeping track of all of the elements involved in planning an event can be challenging, even for the most organized of hostesses. You end up with books full of notes and to do lists, Excel spreadsheets with guest lists and budgets and do-it-now reminders in the way of sticky notes posted all over your desk and computer monitor. Does this sound familiar? If so, you'll be glad to know that there's software out there than can help you.

Event planning software takes important aspects of an event and keeps them all in one place for easy access. Imagine having your calendar, contact lists, online registration, to-do list and budget all at your fingertips when you need it. Web sites like offer these options plus a lot more. This service does charge a fee, but offers a free trial to see if it suits your needs


There are also other types of Web-based software like that are specifically targeted toward managing a live event with paying attendees. They offer an event registration page online and also provide tools to help you promote your event, like e-mail marketing and social media integration. Attendees can also pay for the event online through's payment processor. The best part is everything is customizable to suit your needs. offers free pricing, but will take a portion of ticket sales. is another comprehensive Web-based software solution for events, or more specifically, parties, and this one is free to use. It allows you to send invitations, accept RSVPs, manage your to do list, poll your guests and even accept guest contributions to help pay for the event.

Thanks to these options your days of too much paperwork and not enough time are over. There's no need to fear planning your next big event anymore. Use your choice of software, put it all together and then enjoy your party!


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