How to Throw an Arts and Crafts Birthday Party

Arts and Crafts Birthday Party Supplies
Those are some mighty cool movie star glasses!
Those are some mighty cool movie star glasses!

The key to planning a successful arts and crafts party is to make sure everyone in attendance has plenty of supplies. As you shop for items, consider buying easels or a long banquet table for guests, and stock up on paintbrushes, paints, glue and scissors for kids to use.

Here are three of our favorite arts and crafts birthday party themes and a supply list for each:

Movie Star Sunglasses - An arts and crafts activity that girls and boys will both enjoy is decorating their own pair of sunglasses. Adorn sunglasses with sequins, jewels, ribbon and beads to create one-of-a-kind shades. Have several tubes of craft glue available, and an adult can help kids paste heavier pieces to their glasses by using craft cement. Guests can model sunglasses as they make their way down the red carpet to your living room, where you can show a great feature flick and serve popcorn.

Party Brooches - Collect an assortment of crepe paper, feathers, ribbons and felt, and have children layer the items on a triangle precut from card stock or poster board. After children create their whimsical party brooch, glue a pin backing on each brooch, and allow a couple of minutes for them to dry. When they're finished, pin the brooches on guests as a unique and colorful accessory. Invite the guests to wear brooches for an elegant post-activity tea party.

DIY Headband Party - A great tween arts and crafts idea is a do-it-yourself headband party. Collect plenty of wide and narrow headbands for the girls to choose from. Provide fabric to wrap around the bands and feather clusters that can be purchased inexpensively online or at local craft stores. Have fabric glue and scissors available, as well as a display of several magazine cut-outs of headband styles to inspire the girls. Allow the girls to pose for a photo shoot in their headbands, then set up a smoothie bar. Girls choose from different fruits and yogurts and pile them in cups; you do the blending.

Remember, when it comes to supplies and crafting areas, it doesn't matter how hard you try and how well-prepared you are, crafting with a large group of children just gets messy! As you start to plan your arts and crafts party, design an invitation that clearly states kids might get dirty; you don't want guests arriving in their best attire only to have paint splatters ruin their clothes! If you can manage it, try to purchase washable supplies for your project, and the other parents will thank you. Be sure to have plenty of smocks on hand for kids and parents, and lay down newspaper or plastic to protect your floors and carpet. Ideally, if the weather is nice, host the birthday party outside, and cover tables in an old cloth. It's also imperative to use safe, nontoxic materials just in case little Johnny or Sally decides to sample the taste of the glue.

No matter what arts and crafts theme you choose for your child's birthday party, it's bound to be a memorable experience. Enjoy getting in touch with your artistic side, and have fun crafting!

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