How to Throw a Superhero Birthday Party

Creative Superhero Party Ideas
Use images like this as inspiration for invitations and decorations.
Use images like this as inspiration for invitations and decorations.

Thanks to a stroke of sheer genius, you can take your child's birthday invitations from blasé to blamo (that's superhero-speak for "awesome"). Simply mail a cape and mask along with your invitations. Not only will it grab potential attendees' attention, but they can also wear the cape and mask to the party.

There are a number of online retailers that offer invitations with personalized superhero themes, such as BirthdayInABox. Or, you can make your own invitations using cardstock. Design a custom card by pasting your child's likeness, along with a superhero graphic (you can find these online and print them) and the party information. Another memorable idea is to draw a cartoon strip that features your child as a superhero, as well as the party's date and time. If you're not artistically inclined, you may need to ask a favor of a family member or friend.

As for the party's location, your options are flexible. If you have the room (and the inclination), you can host it in your home. If not, it's a relatively simple matter to transform a rented party room into a superhero cave. A day or two before the party, spray paint some cardboard and cut it into caption bubbles (the kind drawn near cartoon characters' mouths) and write a few iconic superhero sayings on them. "Pow" and "Zap" are timeless choices.

Dress the birthday party table in a colorful tablecloth that suits a superhero theme, such as Wonder Woman-red or Green Lantern-green, then use comic book pages as placemats. Round out the look with helium balloons tied throughout the room. Of course, superheroes are sure to be hungrier than most, so it's best to have plenty of food on hand. Check out our menu on the next page.

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