How to Throw a Ballerina Birthday Party

Ballerina Party Menu Ideas
Of course, the cake must have pink -- and continue the ballet theme.
Of course, the cake must have pink -- and continue the ballet theme.

The icing on the cake, as it were, of any ballerina birthday party is the dessert. You can delight your guests with a beautifully decorated cake from a pastry shop, or make your own. A simple sheet cake frosted with pink icing makes a big impression.

Or, you could make edible ballet slippers. Nutter Butter cookies are just the right shape. To transform them into slippers, dip the cookies one at a time into a melted coating of pink Wilton Candy Melts or white almond bark, and place them on wax paper or cooling rack. Smooth the coating with a knife as needed before placing the cookies in the freezer to harden (this only takes a few minutes). A paring knife can be used to shave off any drips or bumps in the coating. Fill a pastry bag with a small round tip with store-bought icing and pipe on the details, such as a bow at the toe.

For more substantial fare, chocolate-dipped strawberries or finger sandwiches will help fill hungry tummies. Keep in mind, though, some children find birthday parties far too exciting to be able to eat much of anything.

As your guests dine, you could read an excerpt from "Put Your Best Foot Forward: A Young Dancer's Guide to Life." This book is perfect for aspiring ballerinas and covers everything from accepting applause graciously to good posture to healthful snacks. There's even a guide to common dance terms. As you read, ask your party guests for input to keep them engaged in the conversation.

From invitations to party favors, your ballerina birthday party will have all the right moves -- and create a slew of memories. Just be sure to take a lot of pictures. Once the party has ended, you can create a photo collage postcard to send each guest as a "thank you." It's the perfect ending to a wonderful theme.

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