How to Throw a Ballerina Birthday Party

Ballerina Party Supplies

You already have most of the ingredients for a successful ballerina birthday party. There are twirling tutus, twinkling lights and, of course, dancing. However, no party would be complete without a few take-home favors.

You can opt to buy pre-assembled party favors, available at stores like Target and other online retailers. Or, you can get all the supplies for your prima ballerinas to make their own. Purchase canvas tote bags with handles; the plain bags that come in a variety of colors cost $2 or $3 each. Before the party begins, affix iron-on transfers to the bags. You can find these online or at fabric stores, and a ballerina image shouldn't be difficult to locate. Keep in mind that doing this step before the party means you won't need to deal with the hazards that crop up when children are near a hot iron.

As your guests settle in, give them the bags to decorate. Fabric markers or paint, stencils and rhinestones with pre-glued backing will keep them busy for quite some time. Be sure each girl puts her name on the bag as well. These ballerina tote bags are perfect for storing tutus and prizes.

Of course, all this crafting is sure to work up an appetite. What will you feed your hungry ballerinas? We've got some adorable -- and tasty -- ideas on the next page.