How to Plan a Housewarming Party

Housewarming Party Games

When it comes to housewarming parties, the house itself should serve as the star of the show. That means skipping the standard party games in favor of home tours for your guests. The easiest way to accomplish this is by taking small groups through the house and showing off its best features. Granting each individual guest a personal tour as they arrive will keep you too busy to enjoy the party, while touring with large groups often means that people in the back of the crowd will feel left out. Feel free to show only the rooms you wish to share, and close the doors of those that you consider off limits. If your new home has a fabulous backyard or patio, be sure to include it in the tour as well.

In addition to home tours, try some classic icebreaker activities to help your family get to know the neighbors and vice versa. For starters, you can ask each guest describe their favorite neighborhood spot or feature. Those who aren't locals can participate by sharing special facts about their hometown or by describing their impression of your new community. Other variations of this game include discussions of favorite local customs or events, such as annual block parties or a weekly farmers market that you may want to check out.

Classic board games also work well at housewarming parties, particularly for people who can be introverted and uneasy about starting conversations with strangers. Games like Scrabble or Monopoly can help you create a relaxed, casual atmosphere where the conversation flows naturally. Frame the event as both a housewarming party and game night, and invite guests to bring along their favorite games.

If you expect children at your housewarming party or have kids of your own, be sure to plan plenty of games to keep the younger guests occupied so the adults are free to focus on conversation. If the weather is agreeable, stick to outdoor activities like a beanbag toss to minimize messes. If weather forces the party indoors, keep kids busy with arts and crafts or break out your favorite video game system.

Looking for even more inspiration to help you plan a memorable event? Check out the next page for more information about moving and hosting the perfect soiree.

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