How to Organize a Yard Sale

Fun Ideas for Yard Sales

Sure, the point of a yard sale is to sell stuff, but that doesn't mean you can't make a fun day of it. It's pretty simple to turn your sale into a full-fledged event -- or at least something lots of people can participate in, contribute to and enjoy.

If you're looking to spice up your yard sale, consider:

Music -- Background music can make a big difference in ambience (oh, yes, yard sales have ambience). People often feel more relaxed when music's playing. They'll also feel freer to discuss with their friends the pros and cons of your offerings without worrying about offending you. Make sure the music is something (almost) everybody likes, and play it loud enough to hear but not so loud that your shoppers have to raise their voices.

Concessions -- There's nothing like cold lemonade on a hot day, so get your kids involved with some commerce of their own. Lemonade, donuts, cookies and soda are all great things to sell, and having food and drinks will encourage people to stick around longer (and buy!). It's a nice idea, too, to offer free ice water on a hot day or free coffee on a cold one.

Free stuff! -- Speaking of free stuff, if you have lots of odds and ends you think probably won't sell, like single earrings, electrical parts or chipped mugs, put them on a "Free" table! Adults and kids alike love rummaging those tables (or boxes), and it helps you clear some clutter with no extra effort.

And that's the point, right? Clear the clutter, make some money and hopefully have some fun in the process. Just remember to post a big, prominent, legible sign that says "ALL SALES FINAL." It's no fun when someone comes knocking on your door to return the broken TV he didn't think was really broken.

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