How to Host a Jewelry Show

Jewelry Display Ideas
Keep like items together to maximize your sales.
Keep like items together to maximize your sales.

If you're performing the hostess honors for a jewelry party, it's easy to think of it as a shopping spree in the making. The only trouble is that to qualify for a nice gift or other reward, your guests will have to buy a specific dollar amount. For that to happen, the jewelry items will need to look enticing. If you're working with a professional in-home jewelry marketing organization, a lot of the details have already been taken care of, but that doesn't mean your participation is limited to showing up:

  • Clean house -- Well, this seems like a no-brainer, but we thought we'd make sure you know that no one is going to be sending a maid service in to do the honors. Remember, the event will reflect back on the jewelry designer (maybe you) and the location (definitely you).
  • Rearrange the furniture -- Having one or two tables filled with jewelry items is bound to create a bottle neck. To keep guest traffic flowing smoothly, rearrange your furniture to open up a wide corridor around the displays, buffet table and any other areas you expect people to congregate.
  • Keep the jewelry front and center -- You may think your illuminated étagère should get some attention, but you'll sell more jewelry if you make the baubles the stars of the show.
  • Provide plenty of seating -- Having 10 or 20 people in your home will definitely stretch the seating capacity. You don't have to get carried away, but do make sure there are places to sit comfortably as well as a number of stations where guests can try on jewelry in front of a mirror.
  • Check the lighting -- Guests won't buy what they can't see. Good lighting is important at an event like this. Of course, track lighting is perfect, but whatever you have to offer, like pole lamps or other task lighting solutions, will work to supplement any portable lighting that may be part of the exhibit. Make sure you have electrical service and plenty of extension cords to run along the walls and not across well-trafficked areas.
  • Provide enough table space -- Jewelry displays typically require plenty of table space. Your big dining room table may work, but having a couple of extra folding tables available wouldn't hurt.
  • Make it pretty -- Displaying jewelry attractively is an art, and there are lots of ways to create inexpensive props that get jewelry up off the tabletop. For example: You can screw cup hooks into inexpensive tabletop picture frames to which you've added a mirror or velvet backing. Another inspired idea is to cover an inexpensive paint roller insert with fabric and use it to display bracelets. Also, organic designs show well when draped from driftwood, shells or even from the branches of potted plants. These are just a few examples of ways you can use everyday objects to make jewelry items stand out. The idea is to create a backdrop that will show each piece or collection to advantage.
  • Keep it tidy -- You may want to keep alcohol and swabs on hand to make trying on pierced earrings safe and sanitary. When you provide these niceties, as well as snacks and beverages, it's important to have trash receptacles nearby to eliminate clutter.
  • Offer add-ons -- Add-ons are those ancillary items that complement a purchase. Think of them as jewelry show french fries. For the seller, they provide a profitable sideline. For the buyer, they're part of a one-stop shopping experience that can make or break a sale. Consider the simple presentation box: If you were contemplating a purchase you planned on giving as a gift, would you be more likely to buy it if a box was included? The obvious answer is yes. Other add-on items you might consider are jewelry polishing cloths, bottles of jewelry cleaning solution, simple chains and fancy gift wrapping.
  • Put it together -- You should also stock up on another type of add-on, the jewelry combo. Offering complementary pieces like earring and necklace combos can be an effective way to increase your bottom line. There's a natural urgency for shoppers to purchase as many coordinated pieces as they can, while they can. To make this type of add-on more attractive, it's a good idea to display complementary items together and offer additional discounts for multiple purchases.

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