How to Host a Book Club

Organizing Your Book Club
You can host your book club wherever you'd like, even outside!
You can host your book club wherever you'd like, even outside!
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Every book club is different, but there are a few tips that will help ensure that meetings are well-organized and fun -- full of deep, thought-provoking conversations. Usually the person who initiates the book club is in charge of scouting out the first meeting location, whether it's a living room or a local coffee shop. Refreshments are always a welcome addition, but they're not required. Future meetings could be potluck-style or B.Y.O.B. Some groups even take hosting to a whole new level by creating a decorative theme to coincide with the book the club is currently reading.

Instead of meeting in person, it's also possible to chat about a book online through discussion boards, chat rooms and even over Skype or a video conference. Meeting online may not allow much time for socializing, especially if discussions take place through a message board or chat room. Meeting face-to-face using a webcam or Skype, however, might allow groups to hold more intimate discussions.

Online groups, just like regular clubs, should have a specific time and place to meet. Depending on the nature of your book club, you may also want to add an end time to meetings to help everyone plan accordingly. Just be sure to remember various time zones when scheduling a meeting online, especially if members are scattered across the country -- or even the world! Regardless if your club gets together online or at your buddy's house, make sure you arrive prepared and on time.