How to Host an Educational Spa Lunch

Tips for Hosting a Spa Lunch and Learn

The secret to hosting a successful spa lunch lies in creating a relaxing atmosphere, whatever the setting may be. Transform a conference room into your very own oasis using candles, peaceful music, mini water features and soothing scents. If you're hosting your event outside of the workplace, try reserving space at a local college or community center, or simply move the lunch outdoors to take advantage of the beauty of nature.

While food serves as a star attraction at any educational lunch, menu selection is particularly important at a spa-themed event. Stick to classic spa cuisine, including fresh, local produce, fish and poultry and spa water infused with berries, cucumbers and herbs. Avoid additives, preservatives and sugar, and focus on meals that are healthy, colorful and delicious. If your budget allows, have the event catered so you can focus on your presentation, or serve simple appetizers and finger foods like fruits, vegetables and low-fat dip instead of a full meal to save money.

Once you've created the right tone for your educational spa lunch, it's time to focus on the presentation aspect of the event. Whether you're looking to draw new customers to your business or train employees how to use a new product, don't let your message get overshadowed by the menu and the atmosphere. Maintain a loose agenda or schedule throughout the event to ensure you have time to discuss the topic at hand as guests dine. To keep your audience engaged, try sandwiching the meat of your presentation between a series of activities. For example, start the event by offering free mini massages or reflexology sessions, then take time to discuss the health benefits of these procedures before offering guests the chance to sample related products.

Depending on the topic of your spa lunch, you may find that you're able to secure sponsors for your event, particularly if the presentation involves a new product or technology. Non-profits and community groups may also be able to persuade companies to sponsor the event in exchange for free publicity. A corporation hosting a spa lunch aimed at helping employees reduce stress may be able to secure sponsorship from a local spa or wellness center, for instance, while a software manufacturer may be happy to sponsor a lunch aimed at teaching workers to operate a new company computer system.

Need more help planning your educational spa lunch? Check out the next page to learn more about employee training sessions and discover how to create your own spa products to use at your event.

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