5 Fun Wine Event Ideas


Vineyard Tour

A trip to Napa Valley is of course lovely, but you may also find some vineyards in your own neck of the woods.
A trip to Napa Valley is of course lovely, but you may also find some vineyards in your own neck of the woods.

Ready to go straight to the source? If you're up for some travel, which may be quick or extensive depending on where you live, there's no beating a vineyard tour (or three) for some wide-ranging wine fun. Lots of vineyard tours include education, tastings and sometimes even pairings, and some set aside grapes for visitors to stomp themselves.

If you live in or near wine country, this could just be a day trip. If you live farther way, you can still hit the vineyard for your wine event -- just make a weekend of it!

Be sure to look around locally even if you don't live in, say, Napa Valley. You might be surprised to find out there's a small vineyard in your area you didn't know about.

Like the wine class, a vineyard tour can easily lead to future wine events: Why not each buy a bottle of your favorite wine from the vineyard stock to share at the next BYO party?

Just be sure to avoid anything tanky (stale), cloying (overly sweet) or flat (lacking depth). No one wants to be the friend who brings bad wine.

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