5 Fun Wine Event Ideas


Pairing Dinner

Wine is fun enough, but why not up the excitement by adding some gourmet (or not) food to the mix? Wine takes on whole new dimensions when explored in the context of different foods, and creatively pairing wine with certain dishes can make for a deeper tasting experience and, perhaps, a longer evening together.

You can pair wines with a variety of interesting cheeses, appetizers or a full-on five-course dinner. Pairing can be themed (by region, by wine type or by food type) for some extra flair, and you can even make it a potluck, with each person or couple bringing a paired wine and food they want to share.

Like a tasting, pairing takes some research if you're not already well-informed on the topic. If you go the potluck route and you want to make sure the evening is truly about wine, make sure your guests know to bring thoughtful combinations, and maybe even a list of the pairing characteristics, as opposed to just any food and wine.

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