5 Tips for Small Business Event Planning

Be the Life of the Party

Your small business is often your "baby," and having a vested interest as well as an emotional connection to what you do shows. Event-planning can be as stressful as launching a new venture or plunking down an investment in the future, so stepping out of planner mode and into party mode isn't always easy. Being a host, however, is a perfect opportunity to show your energy and passion for your products, services, customers and potential clients.

Be determined to have a good time whether 10 or 200 people walk through the door, and especially if one of those is covering your event for the local news. Most of us remember a business or individual from a mention in an online or print newspaper and we're sure to know about those places where friends and family have had bad service or experiences, so plan for success as a business ambassador, as well as the life of the party. Both can pay off.

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