5 Tips for Small Business Event Planning

Reflect the Business

Whether or not your small business has a brand, style and theme, you can also convey those in the type of event you plan. If hosting an event and inviting a lot of new guests or people in the community, using obscure or overly-designed promotional literature, e-mails or Web site graphics may look great but won't go as far in showing the public what it is you excel at -- unless it's graphic design itself! Simple and memorable graphics can cement an image with your name and business, so a picture of a vintage fashion magazine cover for a consignment shop or an image of a recycling symbol for a local conservation or environmental services group make it clear what you do.

Choosing a site for an event also helps communicate the style of your business. If you have a modern interior design or home de-cluttering and organization business, for example, hosting a party in a streamlined loft would probably be more representative than using a cluttered but historic Victorian bed and breakfast. If your business is all about the outdoors, use one of your landscapes to inform the event itself.

Using minimal, ornate or modern entertainment venues might impress, but will it showcase what you're all about when you get down to business?