5 Tips for Planning Career Fair Events


Maximize the Experience

In addition to connecting job seekers and employers, career fairs also offer excellent networking and learning opportunities. Even if job seekers don't receive an employment offer, you can ensure they obtain important information and valuable skills that will help them in the job search process.

While the booths of potential employers might seem to be the main show at a career fair event, workshops and seminars offer opportunities to learn job hunting skills and to make connections with employers and other job seekers. In fact these peripherals can sometimes be the most valuable part of the fair.

Invite career search experts to present seminars on the job search process, how to use maximize the Internet and social media to find employment as well as techniques to prepare for successful job interviews. Offer workshops on writing resumes and cover letters, or resume critiques. You can also host workshops and panel discussions where speakers deliver short presentations about their jobs and open up the floor to questions and discussion.

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