5 Timeless Gifts for Boys and Girls



Books are the ultimate timeless gifts for boys and girls. They can open up new, imaginative worlds and create lifelong memories for the readers. From the first birthday onward, books serve as appropriate, affordable and gratifying presents. Think about the titles that meant the most to you as a child and maybe select one of those to share.

Like games, books can also have an educational element to help build essential learning skills. If you're picking out a book for someone else's child, feel free to ask about any special interests the child has and go from there. After all, one boy might have more fun flipping through a big book on fire trucks while another might be crazy about insects info and pictures. Preteens may be interested in particular book series, such as Harry Potter, that you can take into account while shopping.

And for a special birthday touch, write a note on the inside cover to commemorate the occasion.