5 Timeless Gifts for Boys and Girls



Boys and girls alike enjoy playing games. If the birthday guest of honor is a video game fanatic, you may want to check out popular electronic games. Don't be afraid of sticking to the basics of marbles, checkers and chess, either. Multigame sets with boards and pieces for a variety of games are entertaining as well. Simple card games, such as Go Fish and Uno, are easy for kids to carry around and play on the go. On the other hand, if a game looks overly complicated, time-consuming or chock full of small (read: easy to lose) pieces, keep walking.

If the birthday tyke is learning how to count or spell, look out for educational games that reinforce those skills. Or, if an older child has a particular interest in a subject area or has a fondness for a certain character, there's probably a game out there to match.