5 Things Kids Should Know: Party Etiquette


Practice Gratitude

These days, parents fret about whether kids should open presents at birthday parties. Some fear that it promotes materialism and greed, and others wish to avoid the awkwardness of a child sneering at a gift. Whether present time happens at or after a party, birthdays are a prime opportunity to teach the value of gratitude.

If opening presents in front of friends, birthday boys and girls must be ready to say thank you for whatever is inside the wrapping paper. Even if they don't like it or already have it, they should refrain from saying anything negative. When penning thank-you notes to attendees, involve the birthday kids as well. That instills the value of expressing thanks and demonstrates proper post-party etiquette.

Remind birthday party guests to thank their host friends and parents on their way out the door as well. Teach children to practice gratitude at an early age, and they'll reap the benefits for many birthdays to come.