5 Things Kids Should Know: Party Etiquette


Be Discreet

One of the first questions that pops into parents' minds when planning their sons' and daughters' birthday parties is whether they're obligated to invite the whole school class. For younger children, it may seem like a polite gesture, but hosting 25 boys and girls may simply prove too much to handle. Etiquette experts agree that inviting the entire class isn't necessary, but children must be discreet in that situation. Handing out invitations at school, for instance, isn't a good idea, since kids who weren't invited might notice.

When pulling together a guest list with children, stress the importance of not talking about the birthday party in class. Either send the invitations in the mail or hand them to parents directly. Older kids may be able to phone their friends and invite them over, but they should still be polite and not discuss it around other people.