5 Things You Should Know: Birthday Party Entertainers


Plan Ahead for Entertainment

Congratulations! You've crossed all of your t's, dotted your i's and hired the ideal birthday party entertainer. This doesn't mean that you can completely kick back and relax, however.

Be sure to provide enough time and space for the entertainer to work his or her magic. Planning a physical activity before the main event can help kids get out the wiggles and prepare them to focus on the entertainer. Also, don't confuse a performer for a baby sitter. While he or she can keep kids engaged and having fun, adult supervision is still necessary. Younger children in particular may need assistance with the activities or feel uncomfortable participating at all. Older kids may goof off or become too rowdy if left to their own devices. A watchful eye will keep behavior in line and help guarantee that you get your money's worth of entertainment.