Top 5 Superhero Birthday Party Ideas

Image Gallery: Superheroes Who could that caped crusader be? See more pictures of superheroes.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a … superhero birthday party! Just about every kid -- boys and girls alike -- goes through a superhero phase at some point. If your child happens to be going through that stage around birthday time, lucky you. Bam, instant party theme! You can really let your imagination run wild when you're dreaming up costumes, décor, food and activities for a superhero party.

One of the greatest things about a superhero party is that you don't have to spend a lot of money to make things, well … super. Sure, you could dress your tiny superhero in a custom Green Lantern or Wonder Woman suit, but you know everyone will have just as much fun in fabric capes and paper-plate masks that they've personalized themselves. And yes, you could hire a full Justice League of professional actors to make a dramatic entrance from the trees in your backyard, but an adult friend throwing around papier-mâché rocks in a rented Incredible Hulk costume would probably make just as much of an impression.

And hey, it's your party, so you don't have to stick with brand-name superheroes, either. Let the kids go crazy and create their own -- you never know what they'll come up with. Here are a bunch of other ideas to set the stage for a spectacular superhero birthday party.