5 Pet Event Ideas

Bark Mitzvah/ Meow Mitzvah

This pet-themed party is a play on the traditional coming-of-age ceremony celebrated in the Jewish faith. A Bar or Bat Mitzvah traditionally marks a young man or woman's 13th birthday. If you want to recognize the coming of age of your four-legged kid, you can hold a Bark/Meow Mitzvah to acknowledge his or her 13th month birthday or whenever you think your puppy or kitten has grown into a sophisticated and mature dog or cat.

You don't necessarily have to be Jewish to throw a Bark/Meow Mitzvah. Some pet owners celebrate this event to recognize a spiritual connection to their dog or cat. Or, you could host a Bark or Meow Mitzvah simply to throw a party that will be fun for pets and people alike. Some pet stores even offer Bark/Meow Mitzvah packages that include pet-sized yarmulkes and Star of David puppy and kitty treats, all kosher, of course, to celebrate this rite of "paw-sage." Everyone will be sure to say "Muzzle tov!"

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