5 Fun Ideas for Hosting a Guys Night

Men fit right in in the great outdoors!
Men fit right in in the great outdoors!
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Ah, this is a brilliant idea that will fit the bill if you've had guy night at your house before and hated the noise and messy cleanup. If overflowing wastepaper baskets and the lingering aroma of brats and cheese make you cringe, move guy night outside. This is also a great idea if you have young children at home or your guy has a few leftover bad habits -- and raucous single friends -- from his college days. Public and private campgrounds are nestled everywhere, and there may be one or two near your house.

The local raccoon population won't mind an occasional thunderous guy-belch or indecent foray into creative profanity. These days camping can be pretty comfortable. With site side electricity, clean restrooms, modern showers and few noise restrictions, your fella and his ravening horde -- that would be his dear friends once they get hungry -- can really let loose. There can be fire, too. Guys love a big bonfire in the old camp side fire pit. It's almost as good as television.

If a pizza hits the dirt pepperoni side down, no problem. If the guys over indulge, getting home safe won't be an issue, either. And if the cigar smoke gets so thick it looks like a fog front moving in, it's the ranger's problem, not yours.

When the weather's good, this is so doable. You can even pick up a couple of deeply discounted tents during the off season. Camping tents are wonders of modern engineering: They go up fast, knock down faster and only take up a small footprint in your garage. A portable grill, sleeping bags, some lightweight lawn chairs, a couple of coolers and a big bag of ice will approximate all the other comforts of home.

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