5 Fun Ideas for Hosting a Guys Night

Game Night

If your guy prefers a joystick to a hockey stick for his sport of choice, he probably has a video game favorite -- and competitive friendships -- that will make this a fun evening. Since the electronics are what makes this type of entertainment work, all that's lacking is the refreshments. Keeping the snacks dripless and easy to handle is a smart idea -- especially if you love your carpeting. Think of it as cocktail party fare without the shmoozing.

If your guy and his bromance buddies aren't into video games (hard to imagine, but still possible), there may be other activities they can share. Board games like chess lend themselves to meditative partying. Sure, getting the guys together to discuss chess strategy, woodworking or classic car restoration may not fit the cliché, but you love him for his quirky side too, right?

Ask the participants for their beverage preferences beforehand, and stock up on what they like to drink. Even if you don't know a carburetor from a curling iron (or a bishop from a castle), you can still make sure the guys are comfy while they're doing what they enjoy.