5 Fun Ideas for Hosting a Baby Shower

Get Bookish

A book-themed shower is thoughtful, fun and will greatly benefit the new little one. Here are some ideas to get you started for an infant-lit party:

  • Books: While books for babies will be the most immediately useful, guests can bring literature for all stages, not just newborns. Picture books, easy readers, and even standard kid's books will all be appreciated as the child grows. If you want to bring a present for Mom, go for a journal, scrapbook or even an audiobook (as it'll likely be a while before she has time to do any non-baby-related reading).
  • D├ęcor: Theme each table according to famous children's books. For example, a "Curious George" table could be yellow in honor of the Man in the Yellow Hat and feature monkey-themed paper plates and cups. No two tables should be alike, and everyone can choose where they sit based on their preferred character or book.
  • Food: Potential food-related literary themes are endless. Go for an "Alice in Wonderland" crazy tea party with cakes and finger sandwiches. Bring fruit to the forefront for "The Very Hungry Caterpillar."