5 Fun Ideas for Hosting a Baby Shower

Spice up the Games

Shower games are a notorious part of baby showers, but they can be a bit outdated. Pregnant woman may not want the focus to be on them and their burgeoning bellies. It's time to revamp Guess the Girth and those fake poop-smelling games people are expecting. Here are some ideas:

  • Guess That Baby: Ask guests to bring baby photos of themselves to the party. Write the names on the back of each photo, so you don't forget who's who. The person who matches the most babes to adults wins.
  • Baby Food Critic: Baby foods now come in a wide variety of flavors and textures. Test the most unusual varieties for a chance to win a food-related prize such as a cookbook or cookware.
  • Baby Olympics: Set up an obstacle course or relay race that must be navigated with a stroller or baby carrier. The new mommy may not be able to play, but she'll get a huge kick out of everyone else running around with baby dolls!

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