5 Ideas for a Green Business Event

Green Clean, Green Scene

Decorating and setting a table with recyclable, biodegradable, and washable or reusable items is another way to go green and save. Renting or buying cloth napkins or tablecloths can be an investment for the future of event-planning at your company or just for a single event, but it reaps benefits either way in environmental savings. Using real plates and glasses has the same effect and can decrease waste and trash, as can compostable or recyclable plates and utensils. Instead of providing plastic water bottles or cans and straws, for instance, use water coolers or punch bowls for beverages.

Using edible, grown or useful objects for decorating the venue also cuts down on waste and creates an environment more unique than what you'll find at a party store or through a non-green event planning resource. Planning a functional take-away is another option. Consider center pieces that can be auctioned off for a cause or won as prizes instead of thrown out at the end of the event.