5 Healthy Birthday Party Snacks


Make Your Own Pizza

Again, kids are more likely to eat something they made themselves. Turn your birthday party into a "make your own" pizza party, and kids will show their approval by cleaning their plates.

You can easily make individual pizzas with pita bread. We recommend whole wheat. Before you give each kid his or her crust, brush a little olive oil and pizza sauce on the pitas. You can buy pizza sauce at the grocery or make your own.

Place bowls of cheese and toppings on the table. Depending on how many kids you have, you might want to put out several bowls of each. Have the kids sprinkle on some low-fat cheese and toppings on the pizza. Toppings could include turkey pepperoni, mushrooms, broccoli, pineapple -- whatever you think the kids might like! After everyone's done making their pies, place them on baking sheets and cook for five to seven minutes at 400 degrees. You'll know they're done when the cheese is melted.

Slice the pizzas up into smaller triangles with a pizza cutter to make them into bite-size snacks.