5 Healthy Birthday Party Snacks


Fruit and Cheese Kebabs

Kids love to eat things on sticks. But let's skip the corn dogs and cotton candy and go for something just as fun but a little more healthful. These fruit and cheese kebabs fit the bill, and provide some vitamins and protein at the same time.

Kebab-friendly fruits include strawberries, blueberries, melon balls and raspberries. (We recommend avoiding bananas or apples because they'll turn brown as they sit out, and picky kids will likely turn up their noses.) Cut out pieces of cheese with cookie cutters in shapes like stars or hearts, or whatever the theme of the birthday party might be. Then, assemble the snacks by alternating two pieces of fruit with one piece of cheese on the kebab.

Do remember that you shouldn't give sharp kebab sticks to children too young to handle them.