5 Tips for Planning Green Kids' Birthday Parties


Party Favors and Decorations

What did your kids bring home from the last birthday party they attended? We'd be willing to bet it was a small plastic toy. When making your kid's birthday party eco-friendly rethink your choice of party favors. How about an arts or crafts project? Homemade modeling clay, for example, is quick and easy. Or maybe you don't even need party favors?

You do, however, need to decorate the party place, whether it's at home or away, to make it special for your birthday boy or girl.

Reuse streamers and happy birthday signs from year to year, and instead of balloons hang paper lanterns, pompoms or butterflies. Save more paper from the landfill by using a sheet as a tablecloth and wash it when the party's over. Go with a fun pattern or buy a plain sheet and turn it into a decorating project. Heart set on a specific theme? Pick up the kid-friendly patterned sheet set - part birthday gift and reusable, too!