5 Fun Themed Birthday Parties for Girls


Decade Party

Throwing a decade-themed party is a fun way to get older kids and teens to have some costumed fun. It doesn't matter that your girl doesn't know Duran Duran, they can still take advance of one the most popular decade party themes: the 1980s. Moms: teach 'em how to pop their collars, peg their jeans and dance like Molly Ringwald did in "The Breakfast Club."

Or maybe they're feeling a bit hippie? Break out the lava lamps, beads and incense for a psychedelic, '60s-infused birthday bash. Or hang up a disco ball, put on some Bee Gees and break out the bellbottoms for some '70s themed fun.

Want to really time travel? Flash way back to the roaring '20s and invite guests to dress up as flappers and gangsters. Don't forget the boas!

Tip: Stock up on your decade's best movies and create a playlist for the iPod to complete the scene!