5 Fundraising Event Ideas You Can Put Together

Let's Get Physical
A Zumba marathon is fun way to raise money for your cause.
A Zumba marathon is fun way to raise money for your cause.
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Today's society is all about exercise -- running, shooting hoops, playing baseball, Zumba or yoga. So, funnel all this physical activity into a fundraising activity!

Plan a 3-on-3 basketball tournament where teams raise money for points they score or how far they advance. Have a Zumba-thon, where participants ask for pledges based on how many minutes they dance their booties off. Softball or baseball tournaments, as well as road races, are also popular sporting events at which to raise money.

Before your cause can see the sweat (and the dollars), you've got to organize the event. You'll need:

  • Space: Local parks, schools and recreational departments are great sources for gyms or outdoor space.
  • Referees and Judges: It helps to have people familiar with the sports -- instructors to lead Zumba classes, basketball refs to whistle fouls, a softball umpire, or just someone to fire the gun at the beginning of a footrace.
  • Volunteer and Vendors: You'll need people to bring the equipment, fill water cups, keep score and flip hotdogs, and vendors to donate the items used.
  • Participants: Teams and individuals to take part and raise donations; often these events carry an entry fee.

With some good planning, a little sweat and an awesome volunteer team, people can get physical and have fun for a good cause.

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