5 Fundraising Event Ideas You Can Put Together

The Celebrity Prisoner Fundraiser

Whether you live in a little hamlet or a metropolitan area, every area has some local celebrities -- radio hosts, TV personalities, sports figures, business owners, school faculty and of course, politicians.

For this fundraising event, arrange for a well-known celebrity to be a "prisoner" for a day. Set your celebrity up in a mock prison in a public place like the mall or the town hall. Dress him in prison stripes and equip him with a cell phone and laptop. Your celebrity must raise a certain amount of money before he can be "released."

Aside from contacting family, friends and businesses, your celebrity should use technology like Facebook, Twitter and texting to drum up interest, track the day and publicize the progress. Your group should also help the celebrity with the fundraising. Contact businesses to match dollars with every person who "likes" the celebrity's or fundraiser's Facebook page. Run a raffle where the winning ticket gets to have dinner with the celebrity prisoner upon his release.

The key to this fundraiser is publicity. Have local radio or TV stations and newspapers run stories leading up to the prison day, as well as while it's happening. It's a novel thing to see and fun to follow, so the more people who know about it, the more successful your fundraiser will be.

Next fundraising idea? Forage for food!

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