5 Fundraising Event Ideas You Can Put Together

The "Honey-Do" Auction

Anyone who's married probably knows the "honey-do" list -- the endless chart of household chores you give your spouse: bake brownies for the bake sale, organize the pantry, clean the garage, change the light bulbs...

But what if you could outsource that list? That's the idea behind the "honey-do" auction. Why not have someone else re-caulk your bathroom or seed your lawn? Or how about having that great neighborhood cook handle your holiday baking?

The first order of business is to decide on the venue. Should it be a family-friendly cookout in a local park or a swanky cocktail party with evening wear? Then, round up the services. Whole families can participate with teens contributing babysitting, lawn care and dog-walking services.

Put together a catalog, with a page on each task with details of the service offered, the person providing it, any references and the suggested starting bid. Pictures are worth a thousand words so include them wherever you can. Attendees can review this catalog as they come in. When bidding starts, have the person who'll be providing the service on stage along with the auctioneer. This is sure to provide lots of entertainment as well as raise lots of money.