5 Fun Event Ideas You've Never Thought Of


Woodstock Party

Perhaps you could make flower power buttons for your guests!
Perhaps you could make flower power buttons for your guests!
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Let your friends' inner flower children blossom at a Woodstock-themed party, where guests can don hip-hugger bell-bottom jeans, floppy hats, large round sunglasses and tie-dyed anything. You can throw a Woodstock party for no occasion whatsoever, but it might make a fun birthday for someone old enough to have been at the original event.

Start with peace sign invitations, then decorate your pad with bright yellows, oranges, pinks and neon greens. Buy large construction paper and cut out huge peace signs and "flower power" flowers. Hang them on the walls and dangle smaller ones from the ceiling. To fill in corners, buy brightly-colored helium balloons. For additional authenticity, hang beaded curtains at entryways. To go all out, install some black lights and hang black light posters from the '60s (Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane and Janis Joplin will do nicely!). And don't forget the lava lamps!

Tie-dye your own tablecloths and napkins. Almost any entrees and side dishes for this event will do, but for dessert, it's a no-brainer. Before Woodstock, granola was basically unheard of and became quite popular after, so bake some yummy peanut butter granola bars. And the music? Woodstock recordings, of course!