5 Fun Event Ideas You've Never Thought Of


Global Gala

Bored with the typical potluck? Instead, give your guests an international challenge!

Assign each guest or couple a country. Their diplomatic mission? To bring food and drink representing that country, and wear native dress. A couple whose assignment is Mexico, for example, might bring tamales, homemade salsa and chips, and chicken with mole sauce, and arrive in serapes, ponchos or silly sombreros. Someone whose assignment is India might present a palak paneer, nan, or chicken curry and masala chai tea. A traditional Indian woman's sari or man's kurta shirt sets an exotic fashion tone.

To decorate, you may want to set up country stations with tables for the food and drink and backdrops around the party area. Embellish the backdrops with flags, photos and other culturally-relevant items, such as a piƱata for Mexico or incense holders for India. (Just don't light the incense lest it take away from the delicious aroma of the Indian food.)

Guests to your Global Gala will enjoy sharing their experiences of learning about different countries' foods, beverages and costumes.