5 Edible Birthday Creations



Cupcake decorating is a fun way for kids to get creative and have a sweet treat. To prepare for party day, bake a flavor or two for cupcake selections -- vanilla (or yellow) and chocolate are always first-rate offerings -- or ask your kids if there's a special cake they'd like.

Have a few frosting flavors on hand: homemade or store-bought frostings are equally yummy, so get what most kids, especially the birthday boy or girl, prefer. Depending on how little your guests will be, consider frosting the cupcakes before the party starts and simply letting them place the other toppings.

Make sure you have plenty of ingredients for inspired edible art, whatever the age group. Tubes of icing (for drawing), candy (such as M&Ms, jelly beans and gummy worms), sprinkles, pretzel sticks and anything else the cupcake artists desire -- also consider themed decorations to match the theme of the birthday party.

Don't forget wet wipes for cleaning hands and faces!