5 Themed Kids' Birthday Parties on a Budget


Country Hoedown

Howdy, partner!

A country hoedown is a fun, simple theme for a party that adds a cowboy twist to the usual cookout and yard game fare. Ask guests to come in Western wear with boots, bandanas and plenty of plaid. In case kids don't have cowboy hats, you can find inexpensive ones at many discount stores and party and retail outlets. Grab an extra set of bandanas to use as napkins on the table and serve up hot dogs for grub. For a sweet treat, you can make some no-bake haystacks with melted butterscotch chips and chow mein noodles or whip up the cowboy cookie recipe at TLC Cooking.

In warmer weather, you could have cowboy target practice by setting up an empty can and seeing who can shoot it with a water gun from the farthest distance. The winner gets to wear a handmade sheriff's badge. Or, divide people up into teams for a Pony Express obstacle course to see which group can through the quickest.