5 Themed Kids' Birthday Parties on a Budget



Turn your backyard into an exotic jungle with a safari-themed birthday party! Greens, yellows and browns will work well for safari decorations. Any stuffed monkeys, tigers, lions or other jungle creatures that the guest of honor owns could work well as additional decoration here and there (kids would certainly get a kick seeing a stuffed tiger lurking in a backyard maple tree). Plastic safari hats, binoculars, magnifying glasses and butterfly nets can also come in handy for creating a true safari setting. Trail mix, gummy worms and bug juice can be the snack combination of choice for the famished explorers.

If you're having a girl's safari party, maybe set up a butterfly hunt. You can easily purchase small butterflies or guests can make them. Then, hide them throughout the house and yard and send the group out hunting. Boys might enjoy a similar activity, except with snakes or bugs instead of butterflies. HowStuffWorks.com has a variety of insect crafts

to choose from. A game of "I Spy" could work well for younger kids, and animal charades is fun for all ages (although tykes may need extra help from pictures).