10 Budget-friendly Ideas for Children's Birthday Party Menus


Pizza Perfection

Ask birthday kids what they'd like to eat at their parties, and you can bet that most of them will request pizza. And that's a good thing for your wallet. Many pizza chain restaurants offer discounts for high-volume orders.

You can also whip up a few homemade pies for minimal money. Some local pizzerias sell their dough for few bucks per pie, or you can purchase pre-made dough, flatbread or bagels at the grocery store. All you need after that is some sauce, cheese and pepperoni. Other low-cost toppings include chopped veggies, canned pineapple and sautéed ground beef or sausage. With some adult supervision, kids can also help make the pizzas as an entertaining activity. Now, that's a real two-for-one deal!