5 Birthday Decor Ideas


Seasonal Birthday Decor

Sometimes the season itself can make the best birthday theme.

Summer birthday parties offer flexibility because school's out. Take the party outdoors with a celebration at the pool. No pool? Turn your backyard into a luau with inflatable wading pools, palm trees, sand and island music.

When planning spring and autumn birthdays rely on the bounty of the season to provide your decoration. Spring party themes can easily take advantage of fresh flowers while autumn celebrations might add pumpkin decorating and cider sipping to the event.

Winter birthdays can seem tough because they fall near the holidays. Instead of piggybacking a birthday party with New Year's Eve or Thanksgiving, give it its own special touch. Think sledding and snowmen, hot chocolate and a coconut blizzard birthday cake. And bring the season indoors with winter wonderland decorations, including white garland, white fluffy pillows and plastic icicles.